Friday, 2 May 2008

Le Bon and Ronson, sitting in a tree...

And lo! Celebritish is back in action. We don't want to share the horrific details of what's been going on to stop us writing, but suffice to say we managed to escape from the cellar and Rik Waller is safely in police custody.

As we reaccustom ourselves to the sunlight and, more importantly, the vagaries of the celebrity world, we are intrigued to find that the latest pair of celebrities to be sharing a bit of platonic (we assume) manlove are Mark Ronson and Simon LeBon. And might we say what a lovely couple they make.

While Ronson speaks of his love for Duran Duran and confesses "I used to take a picture of John Taylor with me to the barber shop" (who does he take a picture of now, Celebritish wonders?) Le Bon takes it to a whole new stage. Yes, he's verily overflowing with adoration for the man Ronson.

"He looks great in a well cut suit, and has the blood and voice of an Englishman", he declares in a way that kind of makes us vaguely think of the BNP in a slightly disconcerting way.

While no one could argue Mark looks pretty damn fine in a suit (heck, Mark would look pretty damn fine in a bin bag), the Englishness of his blood and his voice are rather more debatable surely?

Oh yeah, and they're doing a concert in Paris or something...