Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Be still our heaving stomachs

Now, 'Judith Chalmers' and 'going commando' are two concepts one would never, ever want to see combined in a single sentence — but, horribly, the sunbaked travel veteran has revealed she never wore knickers in her 30 years as a host on Wish You Were Here.

Ewww, ewww and thrice ewww. Celebritish remembers watching this programme as a small child, dreaming of having such a cushy job in adult life. Perhaps, had we taken to foresaking our underwear, that life could have been ours! Dammit!

Apparently the reason for losing the pants was to avoid VPL - a practical solution we're sure you'll agree. It got us thinking about whether other celeb hosts do the same. Is Jonathan Ross swinging free? Richard and Judy? Russell Brand (well that one kind of goes without saying)? A nation needs to know!

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