Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Radio 2 feels the Ball

Housewives' (and some househusbands', let's not discriminate) favourite Michael Ball has been given his very own Radio 2 show.

Controller Lesley Douglas explains: "His warmth and sense of humour make him perfect Sunday morning company."

"Good Sunday morning company", perhaps, but "perfect Sunday morning company" status is reserved for those who, on top of the warmth and humour, also provide alka seltzers, fry-ups and Simpsons DVDs.

Michael adds: "I hope listeners will make a regular date to have lunch with me on Sunday." Oooh, Michael, you are a tease!

Yes, it's the day of the Lord... Michael Ball's on the radio... so safe... so wholesome... Celebritish have come out in hives! Where's Katona when you need her? Now there's a woman whose warmth and sense of humour make her perfect Sunday morning company - Lesley, get her on the phone now!


Anonymous said...

He'll be great !

Anonymous said...

Two shows in and I think Michael Ball is doing grand job.