Friday, 15 February 2008

Vivienne's dirty protest

One of our serious bugbears here at Celebritish is celebs getting 'political', and Vivienne Westwood's London Fashion Week show last night is a prime example.

Models wearing 'fair trial my arse' pants strutted blankly up and down the catwalk bearing banners asking for 'Justice For The Prisoners In Guantanamo Bay'. Now, we're no lovers of Guantanamo Bay ourselves, but hell, there's a time and a place for protest and a fashion show isn't it. It's hardly an industry renowned for its moral rectitude, and anyway we don't want to be reminded of waterboarding while we're looking at pretty clothes, thanks, it just makes all this fashion stuff seem a bit, I don't know, trivial?

Say what you like about politicians, at least they do us the honour of not pretending to be clued up on the world of couture. That said, Gordon's looking seriously fashion-forward at the moment... takes years off him!

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