Friday, 29 February 2008

Kate Moss wants to escape the big smoke

It's been reported that pikey clothes-horse Moss is attempting for the thousandth time to give up her precious cancer sticks.

This time she is resorting to sticking more and more Nicotine patches to her tiny frame, increasingly resembling a painting by Georges Braque.

The 'source' quoted in the story sounds like a card!!!!@@!!!

"If anyone else asks for one [a nicotine patch], she sells them for £1.50. People are very surprised when she tries to charge them for one... The look on their faces when she says she has to make some spare cash somehow is hilarious!"

Yes, I can imagine the amusement on the faces of the poor little plebs lumbered with the job of trowling concealer into her facial crevices when she - a seriously overpaid supermodel - won't even spare a nicotine patch to help them give up the fags.

Next week Kate makes a homeless man dance for 10p.

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