Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Sophie Anderton's full of sh*t

We're not sure quite why Sophie Anderton has chosen to reveal the foul secrets of rehab to Closer, and we can't quite say we're glad she has, frankly.

Apparently: "You take tablets and when you do a poo you're given chop sticks to look at it. I discovered I had part of a tapeworm in me and it must have been there for ages . They think I might have got it from eating my steak rare."

This would be rather more likely to put you off rare steak than deter you from the delights of the naughty salt surely? Still, with the amount of dodgy trouser snakes Sophie's reportedly had in her, one little worm shouldn't make all that much difference.

She added, "I don't need the showbiz world."

Yes, you read correctly, she told a journalist for showbiz magazine Closer: "I don't need the showbiz world." Evidently!

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