Friday, 1 February 2008

Andrew Lloyd Webber brings us closer to Summer

Face-transplant-guineapig Lloyd Webber has revealed he has cheated Hollyoaks viewers (that can't be very hard, can it?) by 'planting' Summer Strallen in the Channel 4 show before cruelly reeling her back to be launched as a star of the West End.

Having asked for the opinion of some of our theatre experts we have discovered the only thing Hollyoaks proved for Summer is the fact she can't act and has a very annoying face.

First a sitcom with a fictional making-of show, now planting aspiring musical stars in soap operas to raise their profile. What next? Rik Waller taking up residence in the new series of Skins for the launch of his new book, "1001 Uses For Lard"? Watch this space.

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Anonymous said...

I say you fellows, you lay off picking on me, you hear, or I'll come round and sit on you, then you'll be sorry.
Ric Waller