Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Pointless survey alert!

Did we really need Carnation Footcare to tell us that more of the fine British public would like to play footsie with Kylie than with Pete Doherty? Well, no, we didn't - that's really a no-brainer, regardless of which gender floats your boat, isn't it?

Apparently this proves that when it comes to ladies' feet, smaller is better - except it doesn't, because we'd still like to play footsie with Kylie if she was hiding a pair of size nines, whereas if we found out Anne Widdecombe had dainty size two tootsies, we still wouldn't.

Not that she was in the poll - the only nod to politics was Dave Cameron, who got no votes at all. Most harsh - Celebritish think he looks like a man familiar with the joys of a good pedicure. And rather him than Gordon, surely?

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