Friday, 1 February 2008

Darius reaches a new stage

Many many years ago, when Celebritish were little more than children, a man called Darius Danesh entered a TV talent show. In fact, he entered two so he could fight the injustice of not winning the first one. What an ego, what a guy!

Anyway, Celebritish remember many a conversation at the time running something like this:

Celebritish: Darius has total charisma, he's going to be huge.
Various Friends: Haha, no he's not he's a total idiot and an embarrassment to humanity.

To be fair, both viewpoints are correct in their way, but we've just read
this and we'd like to say a big 'I told you so' to the haters!

We'd also like to start a campaign to make Darius the next James Bond. He's perfect for the role, and would beat Gritty Craig into a cocked hat (which we'd like to see, incidentally).

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