Thursday, 6 December 2007

America wants Jade Goody, apparently

We're really disappointed with Andrei Harmsworth in the Metro for devoting most of today's Guilty Pleasures page to Jade Goody. Ignore her and she might just go away, Andrei!

Anyway, on the upside he does hoist the racist imbecile with her own pitard quite efficiently. One must assume that he has quoted her out of context when she says: "People who are celebrities are talented people. Chantelle, Chanelle, Danielle Lloyd — you are not celebrities! You're just lucky."

Um... surely, SURELY, Jade was lumping herself in with these other no-marks, not implying, as the interview kind of hints, that she's somehow better than them??

The main gist of the article, however, is that Jade aims to crack America. Well, we've heard that the southern states are fairly full of racist imbeciles, so Jade would feel right at home. Anyway, anything that gets her out of our country hey?

But we somehow doubt this:

"I'm quite friendly with Samuel L Jackson, and have friends who want to introduce me to Johnny Depp."

Translation: I shoved myself in the face of Samuel L Jackson at some red carpet do at the height of my "fame". As for the Johnny Depp bit, Celebritish also have friends who'd LIKE to introduce them to Johnny Depp. Heck, wouldn't we all like to be introduced to Johnny Depp? He's handsome, talented and interesting. Kind of like the anti-Jade, in fact...

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