Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Bono — saving the world through private equity

It's a rare occurence for Celebritish to read the business news. But when we saw the smug mush of Bono Vox gawping at us out of the business pages of the Evening Standard, we had to investigate further.

And we found out about this. Yes, Bono has entered the world of private equity, a decision he defends with quite possibly the wankiest quote ever (yes, even from him):

"I'ma top-line melody guy. I understand harmony. I understand rhythm. But I sell ideas — musical, political and, in this case, commercial ideas. So many great geniuses ended up with nothing. With broken hearts in rooms with broken windows. I want to see artists sitting at the table that decides the outcome of their lives."

Argh! To do these comments justice we'd have to pick up and berate almost every single word of them, so tell you what, we'll just let Bono dig his own grave. Read it, read it again, try to feel any emotions other than rage and despair.

1 comment:

Nige said...

Don't you just wish Bono was a great genius - just so he could end up with nothing but a broken heart and broken windows (perhaps a broken jaw thrown in?).