Monday, 17 December 2007

Kylie Minogue, style icon (aHEM)

The X Factor final was, as it is rather often, a travesty of epic proportions. For those who didn't see it, a dead-eyed, charisma-negative teenage simpleton triumphed over a bloke from Wales who might have looked a bit weird but could at least hold a tune, dammit. Really, when you find yourself yearning for the days of Gareth Gates, you know there's trouble at mill.

Aaanyway, we blame Kylie. She was the guest chosen to appear with Leon (for that is the name of the simpleton), while the other two acts got Jason Donovan and Katherine Jenkins. Kylie is clearly the most popular of these three, and it must have helped li'l Leon somewhat.

But more to the point, what the hell was Kylie wearing?!?! She is absolutely gorgeous and we would have thought it would be difficult to make her look bad in anything, but black lace leggings, a corset and nothing else is a 'fashion statement' that would make Audrey Hepburn look like she was attending a particularly downmarket tarts and vicars bash. Was this tarty get-up a blatant case of vote-rigging? Of corset was! (hoho)

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