Friday, 21 December 2007

Phantom of the soap opera

Hollyoaks is really pulling out all the stops with the cameo appearances recently.

First we got Goldie Lookin' Chain and Brian Belo (winner of Big Brother in case you've forgotten), then they upped their game by announcing everyone's favourite hysterically-voiced monster-of-camp, Mika, will be appearing imminently.

Now we've just read that pretend-burns-victim Andrew Lloyd Webber has signed up to star as himself in the soap everyone pretends they don't watch. He'll be stalked by a young lady who wants to be cast in one of his god-awful musicals.

If the producers of Hollyoaks continue the downward trend we can look forward to the return of Paul "motherfuckahs" Danan by the end of next year. Yay!

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