Tuesday, 18 December 2007

He's a scumbag doncha know

Amy Winehouse's pop Mitch has gone radio rental at Pete Doherty, branding him a "scumbag" and ALLEGEDLY hitting him with a guitar for hanging around his daughter and being a bad influence.

Frankly, we doubt Pete's bad influence potential in this particular instance — compared to Winehouse he looks like a member of Same Difference — and not even the male one.

Still, considering every other Doherty story lately is about him being hit with various objects or fists, perhaps he should be questioning why this seems to happen so frequently and modify his behaviour accordingly. Dickhead.

We like this bit though: Mitch apparently added that Blake, Amy's incarcerated hubby (and one of the few other people who could be branded a higher form of scumbag than Mr Doherty) "has been asking for Amy's help to improve in a number of ways, and that's good to hear." Er, really? Is she the best person to ask for life tips? Perhaps a new career beckons for Amy as a motivational guru. She could present You Are What You Snort, or How To Look Good Wasted. Channel 4 commissioners, we await your call.

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