Friday, 21 December 2007

Can't stop this thing she started

Could this man be the saviour of pop music? Probably not.

But god bless him, not content with supplying Magic FM with songs over the last 20 years, now Bryan Adams is offering to look after Amy Winehouse for Christmas.

The man who presumably won't be reprising his 2000 classic 'Don't Give Up' in her presence, has said he'd happily take her in at his home in Mustique to help clean her up and get her away from the glare of the media. Yes, its the paparazzi that are killing her apparently, not the copious amounts of drugs.

It'll be less a case of 'Baby When You're Gone' and more 'baby when are you not gone?' if she decides to take up the ageing rocker on his offer and head over to the exclusive island for a slap up meal and the obligatory Only Fools And Horses re-run.

We can't work out why Bryan thinks he can succeed where rehab has failed several times, but in the season of good will we'd like to wish him luck!

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