Wednesday, 19 December 2007

We thought WE were sick...

We've just come across a really rather nasty website on the interwebs. It's called "When Will Amy Winehouse Die?" and it offers an iPod touch to the person who guesses the date of Wino's demise most accurately.

As we approach Christmas, Celebritish are busy decking the halls with bells and holly and putting figs on the tree, and we can't comprehend why anybody would waste their time on such a pathetic excuse for a website (oh, shut up you lot).

Anyway, we are going to combat this boil on the face of technology with a Celebritish Christmas Quiz. We've written all the questions but are being held back by our absolute inabilty to do anything clever.

If anyone reading this knows anything about how to make quizzes in HTML or any other format please let us know — we will be happy to credit you and might even send a Celebritish goodie-bag (yes thats right, we've been sent some proper shit this year). If not, a very half-hearted Smash Hits-style quiz will appear tomorrow.

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