Friday, 7 December 2007

Pass the sick bag

We knew that chalet girls had a bit of a reputation for being, ahem, perhaps a little less than choosy, but hearing that hundreds of them have let James "shame about the everything" Blunt take their virginities makes us physically nauseous, frankly.

Thankfully, this story has a definite whiff of the totally made-up about it. Are we seriously meant to believe that hundreds of girls turn up to be chalet workers as virgins? And doesn't the wearing of a T-shirt boasting "James Blunt took my virginity" smack more of an ironic joke than a genuine confession?

If James Blunt had taken either of Celebritish's virginities we would be doing everything in our power to ensure the vile knowledge never got out. We'd also take a thousand showers, make a lifetime vow of celibacy and contemplate suicide.

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