Thursday, 6 December 2007

The British Comedy Awards

It was a night of glitz and glamour yesterday evening. Yes that's right, Celebritish went to see Chas and Dave at a nightclub in Sutton.

But back on point, The British Comedy Awards happened too. We don't expect it to get very much coverage this year due to a voting scandal and the fact it wasn't even broadcast on TV. So here are our thoughts.

It was a windy night in London as the stars arrived at the Television Studios for the comedy event of the year. Tensions rose as Jim Davidson rubbed shoulders with Gok Wan and Jonathan Ross tried in vain to make a joke about Chris Langham that was actually funny. As the audience nervously drank Champagne and ate minature burgers you could almost cut the air with a spoon. Let us begin.


Firstly our congratulations to Gavin and Stacey which won two awards.

James Corden is a hunk of burning love but he's not just a pretty face, he co-wrote and acted in G&S, which was a Celebritish comedy favourite of the year. Please note Sheridan Smith's cleavage had absolutely nothing to do with the selection of this picture.

David Mitchell won best actor for Peep Show.

Although it could be argued that he doesn't act at all, we're pleased he won this. Peep Show is great and anything that will urge him not to make another series of the awful That Mitchell And Webb Look is to be celebrated.

Peep Show also won best TV comedy.


The 'Why are you here?' award goes to Gillian Anderson.

Cheer up you miserable cow.

The 'Most Impressive Impression Of Liono From The Thundercats' goes to Christopher Biggins.

Finally the 'Worst Haircut Of The Night' goes to Gok Wan.

He might look good naked (although we very much doubt it) but nobody can get away with that 'do.

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