Monday, 10 December 2007

James McAvoy is officially A Bit Weird — and we like it!

Top British actor, heart-throb and generally non-criticisable hub of super-popularity James McAvoy told an odd little story to Fox News's Bill McCuddy.

Apparently, when he was eight years old, he managed to freak his little sister out in some style by convincing her he was not James McAvoy at all, but was in fact the ghost of James McAvoy, who had surreptitiously died while they were playing hide-and-seek.

She totally bought it, and what a great lie! James was clearly an imaginative child. Celebritish wish we'd thought of it, but the best we came up with was one of us convincing the other that a swordfish could drill a hole through the boat we were travelling in and sink it. Good, true, but not THAT good.

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