Thursday, 6 December 2007

Daniel Bedingfield's mental issues

A charming little piece in the London Lite yesterday about Daniel Bedingfield — you know, the one who sang about Getting Thru This, then got upstaged by his prettier but equally irritating sister and nearly died in some sort of accident. Anyway, the theme of this interview should really have signified to Daniel from the off that he is a Z-list deadbeat. It was not to do with him, his music, or his career in any way. It was to do with why he likes living in Dulwich.

Somehow, Daniel managed to turn this mundane little piece of property fluff into a rant about how difficult it is being famous. But how would he know, you ask? Well, we're baffled too, but apparently:

"I’ve had to move homes in the area because I’ve had stalkers and even neighbours coming to my door
asking for an autograph."

Um, okay then Dan, tell you what, next time don't set up home next to a mental hospital. He goes on:

"I’m an immensely private person. I wasn’t before but now I have to be."

Er, why, exactly? Even properly famous people like Graham Norton and John Barrowman have enhanced their popularity by being candid. We can only assume Bedingfield has to be private because he's hiding a secret of such deep, dark depravity that it would haul even his Z-list ass onto the front pages and straight into jail. And we could be right:

"Last night, I played Dare with some mates and someone had to fill up a sock with sand and then suck it for a minute."

What japes! Anyone who thinks this is a good party game is clearly capable of all sorts of horrific crimes against humanity, not to mention crimes against humour, intelligence and fun.

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