Thursday, 18 October 2007

Alex Turner's monkey tragic

Lite reports that Arctic Monkey and general tw@t-about-town Alex Turner humiliated Pixie Geldof last night at the Sony Walkman Hidden House party in Dalston.

Pixie apparently took a shine to the singer and displayed this in her uniquely subtle way
("positioning herself right in front of him and trying a few dance moves", apparently). But he totally
blanked her, leaving the poor little thing "mortified".

Now now, Alex, manners. Reluctance to converse with a Geldof sister (or indeed a Geldof father) is a healthy
and commendable impulse, but blanking people is just plain unpleasant. It could be worth remembering that,
were you not frontman of an overrated but catchily-tuneful pop band, the chicks would not exactly be beating the doors down to get their hands on your lanky, pasty frame. A bit more humility please!

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