Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Heather's Halloween-worthy GMTV performance

Celebritish just had the misfortune of catching Heather Mills interview with Fiona Phillips on GMTV, and, oh boy, what an interview it was. Fiona barely had to do anything (lucky, really), as Heather ranted, raved, cried and generally did everything most counterproductive to her cause, which is apparently to make us like her again and get the meeja off her back.

Problem is, Heather is actually right: everything she said aboout the media hate campaign is correct, it is, as she says, "disgusting", and she hasn't done anything (quite) worthy of the Mucca-raking we see on a daily basis in the tabs. But why can't the woman get anything resembling a sympathy vote from us? Is it possibly because, even when crying, she has the cold, dead eyes of a relentless psychopath who probably slays kittens for shits and giggles? Yes, think that's it.

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