Friday, 26 October 2007

Some recognition at last.

Last night a small event was held in New York City.
There was no fanfare, no razzle-dazzle, but this event was more important than you could imagine.
FINALLY, a man got recognition for a life of struggling against all the odds.
A solitary voice of reason in a world gone mad with selfishness and capitalism.
This man is called Bono Vox.

You might not have heard of him – he quietly goes about his work, saving millions of people in Africa with his bare hands – coaxing rain out of the sky to make parched land fertile once more, curing the poor of aids, we could go on.
Last night a group of people (and Conde Nast Media Group) had the courage to celebrate this man. To massage his tired, withering ego with a night of quiet reflection.

Here he is with Alicia Keys. Note: he's been so busy turning water into wine he didn't even have time to tuck his shirt in.

This is Billie Joe Armstrong from a group called Green Day. He is so overtly political that MTV won't even play Green Day songs because they are scared of the resulting revolution.

And here is Padma Lakshmi. Noone knows true suffering like someone who has been married to Salman Rushdie.

Gwen Stefani arrives, clearly moved by the gravity of the event.

We'll have to stop there as we're welling up.

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