Thursday, 18 October 2007

Cheryl spits the dummy

Why can't Cheryl Cole just play nice? Moments after ending one of the world's most boring catfights by telling Lily Allen she 'forgives' her, the naughty little poppet steps up her Betty Boo bitchfest.

She told Metro's Andrei Harmsworth: "If you are a true fan I beg you not to write about Betty Boo because she is s***." Ooh dear, naughty Andrei, I suppose he's just proved his non-Girls Aloud fan status by printing that, then, hasn't he?

Cheryl, for future reference, make sure you don't deliver such juicy quotes to journos on subjects you don't want talked about.

Anyway, what's got up Cheryl's dainty little nose is Betty's 'lies' about writing her some solo material. Why Betty (or isn't she Alison these days?) would lie about this is unclear...

So Betty, where are you baby? It's time for round two! I think maybe some 'Yo Momma' battling should be employed – now that I'd pay to watch...


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