Thursday, 25 October 2007

Quickie in the afternoon? No, no, no.

No more hair of the dog for Wino, (and we're not talking about the canine pelt used in her wigs) she's given up drinking before gigs in the hope that it will improve her live performances.
Obviously this new life is treating her well, she looks radiant and cheerful in the picture (above) from Munich yesterday.
The problem with her and Pete becoming clean(er) is that people only ever liked them because they were dangerous and unpredictable, take that away and you have a shy little boy (Doherty) and a lost girl with a nice voice (Winehouse). Sadly I think they'll get back on the good stuff as soon as they realise their careers depend on it.
On a lighter note, perhaps Amy is starting to avoid booze because she's read David "I’d lick Amy's tooth that’s missing by sticking my tongue in between the gap and everyone knows I’ve got a good tongue.” Gest is now frequenting her local!

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