Thursday, 25 October 2007

Every little helps (when you're multi-billionaires)

The Spice Girls are getting all the most high-class gigs now they're back, aren't they? Well, if advertising low-rent supermarkets is a high-class gig, that is.

Apparently they're seen enjoying a Christmas feat in the ads, a hilarious concept in Beckham's case. And there's more from a 'source': "The ads are very funny because the girls insisted it had to be a send-up."

Hmm, well we'll reserve judgment on that until we've seen them, but we're not exactly expecting Peter Cook-esque comic genius. The main amusing aspect is really that they insisted it be a send-up in the first place - presumably so they can pretend it's just a bit of a laugh, and advertising Tesco is never something they'd do seriously, for serious megabucks. No girls, of course it isn't.

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