Monday, 29 October 2007

Who's that girl? Um, Michael Ball, obviously

News reaches Celebritish this morning that Michael Ball's fans have been complaining at the Hairspray previews. Not because it's poor — Celebritish have been to see it and can confirm it's a great piece of high camp musical theatre — but because, um, they don't think he's in it.

See, if you've been living under a rock since the Eighties, and entirely missed the Eighties original, the very successful remake earlier this year AND all the publicity surrounding this production, you won't know that the role of the mother in the show is always taken by a man — a man in a fat suit, a wig, and various feminine accoutrements.

Now, the outfit Ball wears is impressive, as is his performance, but this story really doesn't give the most positive impression of his fans' mental prowess does it? They managed to ignore the posters, the programmes, the publicity, the works, in their blindly devoted dash to catch their idol doing something, anything, on a stage. We feel really sorry for them though, and can just imagine them waiting on tenterhooks for their hero to appear while idly wondering to themselves who the fat bird playing the mother is, as she looks kinda familiar... D'oh!

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Anonymous said...

I think Michael's fans were well aware which role he was playing in Hairspray. Afterall we'd all been waiting for months for the show to open. It was more a case of the general public being fooled.

Either way great performance