Thursday, 25 October 2007

Yay! Bad news for Chris Moyles!

Excellent! Rajar figures show that fat misogynist 'Saviour' Chris Moyles' listeners are dropping him like he's hot. Which he is so not.

On the downside, these figures also confirmed 'Dr' Neil Fox as the most popular commercial breakfast Deej in London. Still, clouds and silver linings and all that.


Jerry Caesar said...

Fat, misogynist... you forgot the 'racist' element - when he impersonated a 'fat, black man' to show Halle Berry what one was like. Although I suppose one man can only assume so many attributes at any one time.

Celebritish said...

Well, quite Jerry - if I'd flagged up all of Moyles' unpleasantnesses I would still be typing the post! But thanks for flagging up the racism, it shouldn't be forgotten.