Friday, 19 October 2007

Archer's overdue realisation

A press release has reached Celebritish Towers about a very exciting TV programme – um., sorry, about Jeffrey Archer hauling his criminal old ass over to Legal TV (no, us neither) for an interview about new book Cat o' Nine Tails. Apparently, this literary masterpiece is based on the people Archie befriended in prison. Poor loves, being befriended by Jeffrey Archer is
a cruel and unusual punishment in itself — Gitmo's surely missing a trick here?

Anyway, the interesting thing about this interview is that Jeffrey makes a shocking revelation during it!

"I am not a writer."

Well, Jeff, could've told you that many years ago and saved the literary world a whole lot of wincing pain, but at least you've finally realised. And I'm choosing to ignore the fact you follow up that admission with "I am a story-teller" because no you're
not, you couldn't write your way out of a Hollyoaks episode, you goon.

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