Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Not the sharpest tool in the shed, still a potential death trap

We at Celebritish aren't sure we trust the idea of Dean Gaffney behind the wheel of one of those little toy cars you can pay for rides on outside supermarkets — let alone a real car with, y'know, a motor, mobility and consequences.
And today we were proved right, as Guildford magistrates shook their venerable heads at Gaffers' catalogue of errors. Apparently the ex-Ender was weaving around at 98mph in roadworks while blithely chatting shit into his mobile. Nice one, Dean! Breaking almost every rule in the book in true don't-give-a-fuck style! Despite being nothing if not a repeat offender in the world of dangerous driving, Gaffney was let off with a measly fine, and didn't even turn up to hear his punishment, the complacent imbecile. Get him off the roads we say - the campaign starts here!

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