Thursday, 25 October 2007

Oh My God!!!??!@@!!

*shoots head off with shotgun*
Ropey, anorexic, perma-tanned, fuck-for-brains Chantelle from Big Brother (not to be confused with Chanelle from Big Brother) has just announced that she has become a millionaire. She's earned £925,000 in a year thanks to the public's utterly unfathomable interest in her dull life.
One little nugget of information in the story that makes Celebritish feel terribly sick is that her and Preston earned £600,000 for the rights to their wedding. This puts the editor of OK Magazine on the level of Hitler in our humble opinion.
The problem with Chantelle is that the longer she's famous, the less likeable she becomes. Sadly it's a matter of waiting for her to become so repulsive that the general public finally cotton on.

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