Thursday, 18 October 2007

Where are they now?

In this, the first of an irregular series, we blow the dust from our vintage copies of Heat magazine and bring you updates on the whereabouts of celebrities from yesteryear.

Daniel Bedingfield [Da-neel Bed-in-feel] Pronunciation

1. has an annoying sister
2. whines like a girl when dumped.
3. writes power ballads with prowess
4. has got to get through this.
[Origin: 2001]

I recieved a press release today from a someone called Ilana in which was a piece of information so amazing that I had to catch my breath.

"Music Box - 2Play album launch party
Le Pigalle Club, 215-217 Piccadilly, London, W1
Daniel Bedingfield, 2Play
Co-hosts and plays low-key set (Bedingfield) at launch celebrating dance act's (2Play) latest album..."

Thats right, after years in the wilderness, Daniel is returning to play a concert helping to launch someone called 2Play (perhaps the dance act in question had discovered 4Play already taken?).

Quite why Bedders picked this event to make his comeback is unclear but I think we can rest assured that "low-key" will mean he'll be wearing ripped jeans and will be accompanied by a classical guitarist. Lets hope he's still up to the job and can wrestle back the Bedingfield crown from his vile sister Natasha.


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