Friday, 19 October 2007

The Unexpected Cast

It looks like we're going highbrow today at Celebritish doesn't it! First a story about Jeffrey Archer and now a post related to the theatre.
Fear not though, for this is a z-list supreme.

Richard Blackwood and Dean Gaffney have just signed up to star in Agatha Christie's, "The Unexpected Guest", at the Hackney Empire.
I've fired up my z-list story creating machine but it just can't compete with this.
So far they're down for a 4 night residency, which is a little ambitious in my opinion, after all it isn't even for charity.
In those heady days of 2001 when Richard released the often neglected reggae-lite classic "Mama-Who da Man?" i'm sure he had nightmares about this.

Buy tickets here!

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