Sunday, 14 October 2007

The ecstasy of new love

Apparently Lily Allen's new squeeze Ed Chemical Brother is proving a bad influence on her - though Lil doesn't seem the kind of girl who would take much influencing to me...

And the support for the theory seems a little spurious too: The Mirror reports that 'pals' are worried about the relationship because:

"Lily boasted she took her first ecstasy tablet at the Chemical Brothers' set in Glastonbury in 1997."

Um, riiight. So a twelve-year-old Lily taking some drugs in a muddy field is somehow the fault of the performer, then a complete stranger to her, who happened to be onstage at the time. Interesting. Still, if we're going to start blaming musicians for their audience's drugginess, does that mean we can bang the Klaxons up? If so, here here!


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