Thursday, 25 October 2007

Jordan more popular than free chocolate — OFFICIAL

Celebritish's daily stroll along High Street Kensington was brought to rather an abrupt halt this afternoon by an impassable crowd of onlookers outside Superdrug. Seriously, the crowd was so big and intense that Celebritish almost got stuck in it.

What could this be, we wondered, intrigued by the possibilities. Maybe Prince or some other genius is giving an impromptu performance? Or perhaps Jesus has returned to the earth to save us all? Then we noticed the carpet was pink. So, not purple enough for Prince and a bit too gay for Jesus. But perfect for... Jordan, who was there promoting some cosmetic crap (OK, our research in this area wasn't that studious).

Last week there was free chocolate for Chocolate Week in some of the High Street's shops, and barely any crowds formed for that at all. Chocolate is clearly better and more nutritious than Jordan, so what is going on? And who are these people who waited in the rain for a glimpse of a person the right-thinking among us try our level best to avoid glimpsing at ever? We demand to be told!

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