Thursday, 18 October 2007

Pot calls kettle black, world keeps spinning.

Kerry Katona from the Iceland adverts and Atomic Kitten (whoever they are) has decided the British public are desperately in need of some more of her wise words.
This time she punched above her weight and went for Victoria Beckham, saying poor old Vicky is "sad and desperate". Remember Kerry selling her "my boyfriend cheated on me with my mum but I don't care cos I hate them" story to OK Magazine? Apparently that isn't "sad and desperate", and no, it isn't even tragic as most people would assume.
Miss Katona continues:
"Sometimes I find it very hard to understand Victoria Beckham."
Jesus Kerry, getting your tits out in The Sun at 16 probably isn't the best education in the world but you of all people should understand the need for publicity, you're in the same machine as Victoria and you'd give away your own children to be married to David Beckham and live in Los Angeles.

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