Friday, 19 October 2007

Fashion Rocks

Last night, london was rocked (geddit) by the celebrity "do" of the year.
The good, the bad and the ugly (Johnny Borrell) were in town to celebrate...erm to party?... What were they doing anyway? Who cares, just look at who rocked (geddit?!??) up the red carpet:

Check YOU out! Those handsome young scamps Razorlight dazzled in TK Maxx:

George Clooney is sooo yesterday. This season it's all about unfunny comedians with speech impediments!

Wondering whether you should take your husband or wife to a big celeb do? There just isn't enough time, honey! Pete tears up the red carpet with his husband AND wife!

Big girl, you are beautiful! Beth Ditto is the bomb in a homemade creation. A spy tells me its made of bin liners and glitter!

Iggy Pop sure knows how to make an entrance! This time he stole the show with the slightly deflated blow-up doll he brought along!

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