Monday, 28 January 2008

Ashley's bra-vellous in bed

Another day, another seedy shag revelation about that dirty dawg Ashley Cole.

This time, the 'stunning blonde' in question is Brooke Healy, who claims she pulled the football player after a night at Funky Buddha.

Again, some of the quotes are comedy gold, notably:

"He took my bra off. It was so hot."

Um, bra taking-off is really quite a standard manouevre leading up to the act of lurve Brooke, but hey, good on you, a pessimist is never disappointed eh? And then:

"I told him not to pull my hair because I had hair extensions in."

This is quite possibly be the chavviest, skankiest sex quote we've ever heard.

As Celebritish pointed out on Friday, Cheryl is hot and could do far better. We're sure there are plenty of men out there who would happily put up with the gentle whistling of the breeze blowing through the empty space between her ears.

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