Monday, 14 January 2008

Keira adamantly refuses to slip her finger into Rupert's ring

Keira - seemingly on a mission to make Celebritish hunt her down and kill her - has caused offence yet again, this time to her longterm boyfriend Rupert Friend.

He gave her an antique ring to signify their love, but she refused to wear it, instead opting for bling that had been sent by Chanel.

We've yet to hear a story about Knightley which doesn't make us want to stab her with pins, but while we wait we've decided to take up a hobby. At the moment we're making the foundations for our life sized Taj Mahal built out of matchsticks.


Anonymous said...

When reading a celebrity gossip story always look for the word "reportedly". It's code for "we made it all up".

Anonymous said...

You may well feel that way, but she's got that knack -- the teenage girls love her, the dads love her and the mums love her. Who else can do that? Possibly Daniel Craig, but can't call any other "family unification" candidates to mind.

Celebritish said...

Anon: If it wasn't for all those "reportedly" stories this blog wouldn't exist!

Petrona: It's true that people will sit through her films but that has nothing to do with her as a person. Dads might be swung by the whole 'getting out of the water in a see-thru dress' thing but we aren't.