Wednesday, 9 January 2008

We love Matt Willis

Matt Willis, as an all round nice bloke and a bit of a hottie, has the full Celebritish seal of approval. We reserve the right to ignore his crimes against music.

And a story in this afternoon's London Lite makes us like him even more. Apparently he was out on the razz last night with girlfriend Emma Griffiths and a couple of mates. He informed the paps that they were 'pretending to be the Primrose Hill set', and set about snogging his mate's girlfriend! Then he and Emma moved in on the photographers, attempting to give them a bit of a snog and fumble too.

Okay, so they're both Z-list, but these days even Z-listers take themselves too seriously and it's nice to hear of a couple who don't.

Of course another way of looking at it is that Matt is resorting to increasingly desperate measures to get his photo taken by the increasingly uninterested snappers. What next — flashing? Matt, we dare you...

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