Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Bill of wrongs

Sad news from the set of The Bill, where actor Jeff Stewart has apparently slashed his wrists.

Horrible stuff, but proof that what goes on behind the scenes there is clearly more dramatic and compelling than the nonsense they spew out of our telly boxes.

The Beeb are saying that a refusal to renew his contract was the reason behind the self harm. Jeff, mate, chin up for God's sake, it's The Bill, not Life On Mars or something. Even Celebritish have appeared on The Bill and we can confirm it's not an experience to write home about, or indeed to slash your wrists over.

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Nige said...

I once went to a The Bill party - in Madame Tussauds, weirdly. The cast - those I could distinguish from the waxworks - all seemed to be mad as a box of frogs. And boy could they drink...