Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Cerys hits the bottle... again

The Daily Star reports that ex-singer Cerys Matthews and her lover-rat Marc Bannerman have been boozing it up somewhat excessively of late.

Celebritish are slightly worried that we don't see "three glasses of wine and two pints of ale" as particularly excessive - a bad hangover combo, undoubtedly, but we're hardly talking rock 'n' roll debauchery here are we? There weren't even any spirits involved for God's sake, and everyone knows that soft alcohol, like soft drugs, don't really count.

On the same topic, London Lite informs us that Cerys, in her Catatonia days, was "as notorious as Amy Winehouse for collapsing drunkenly on stage and disappearing on drug and booze benders". Um, we're old enough to remember those days and no she wasn't. In fact we even went to see Catatonia a couple of times and, while we saw Cerys swig from a wine bottle now and then, we don't ever remember her threatening to set her husband on us or snorting gak out of her hair. Ah, innocent days...

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