Monday, 7 January 2008

Clarkson in rare 'idiocy' moment

Here at Celebritish, we have a soft spot for Jeremy Clarkson that might surprise some people. We don't agree with all his views, mind, but we're suckers for outspoken, witty people and Clarkson doesn't disappoint on that count. Dammit, we've even been known to enjoy the odd Top Gear episode, despite the fact neither of us can drive a car. But today we have to say: Clarkson, you IDIOT.

See, Clarkson thought it would be clever to publish his bank details and 'prove' that fraudsters can't take your cash this way, hence proving the Government's lost discs fiasco a storm in a teacup. The problem is, of course, that, as any fule knows, they can, and Clarkson found this out to the tune of £500 disappearing from his account.

Fair play to the guy for fessing up though — if we'd pulled a silly prank and been caught out we would have kept it quiet to save face, frankly.

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