Friday, 4 January 2008


Seems Celebritish is laying into the Spices somewhat today, but we think that Old Spice Geri Halliwell might be playing fast and loose with the truth after she claimed that the girls won't make a profit from their reunion tour. To borrow an expression from Wayne's World: shyuh!

Apparently the reunion "isn't a money-making expedition — it's about party and celebration."

When Celebritish want to party and celebrate, we tend to do so with people we like, or at least can stand being in the same room with. Anyone who's had the misfortune to witness the girls' lame attempts to disguise their mutual loathing in recent TV interviews will be able to confirm the tone is anything but celebratory... it's quite obvious what they really, really want, and it's made of paper and has the queen's face on it.

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