Friday, 25 January 2008

Halliwell 4 Walliams

New couple alert! David Walliams has worked his smarmy charm on Geri Halliwell and apparently they've been dating for a few weeks. Their friend told a shitty tabloid:

“They have been secretly dating since the New Year and nobody knows. They are very tactile with each other and he’s such a gent. Geri just can’t stop smiling.”

We're not sure if Geri's permanent smile is down to excess botox or happiness but still they'd make a lovely couple.

Thankfully their 'friend' who was sworn to secrecy was on call to tell us how Geri and David will react when they find out their little secret is out:

“They will be gutted when news of their relationship leaks as until now they’ve been able to carry on without anyone knowing.”

What kind of a friend are you? "Ooh, I love it when my friends are gutted! I can't wait to see their faces when they realise one of their closest mates has invited the World's media to piss on the tentative early flames of love"

Anyway, we give it 3 weeks.

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