Friday, 18 January 2008

Sienna shy about nudity for once

Mixed feelings about this one - Sienna Miller has won a privacy case against a photographer who took nude pics of her without her consent.

Fair play - although Sienna is one of those actresses who will only keep her clothes on if the role really demands it, that's her public life, and her private life is a different matter, right?

But it turns out the snapper took these photos while she was filming a scene for Hippie Hippie Shake. Yes, he shouldn't have been taking pictures on a closed film set, but if she was being filmed in the nuddy for a soon-to-be widely distributed movie, can he really be accused of breaching her privacy? We suspect this case is more to do with publicity for a second rate Brit flick than with Sienna's "extreme distress".

And come on, Si-Si, "extreme distress" is surely an emotion one should reserve for occasions that really merit it. Being trapped in a lift with June Sarpong, for example, or propositioned by Rik Waller — to name but two events that have occurred in what has been an action-packed week for Celebritish. What lives we lead!

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