Friday, 11 January 2008

Barlow does a Lloyd-Webber

It's been busy, busy, busy this week for Celebritish. First Amelle from the Sugababes smashed up our car, then we went out dancing to Britney songs with Kate Middleton.

Don't worry though, we're back now and we have exciting news about everyone's favourite... erm everyone's favourite Gary Barlow - that's right, Gary Barlow!

He's been signed up to write songs for ITV1's upcoming drama Britannia High. This show sounds extremely exciting:

"It's unlike anything else on British TV."

Ooh, do tell!

"It will feature a group of talented young performers who sing, dance and act in a fictional performing arts school."

Ahem, I suppose technically that's true: after all "Fame" was taken off the air in 1987 and High School Musical is set in a normal school but it's hardly revolutionary is it?

We don't know why Gary is lowering himself to this, it's got "shit" written all over it. Has he not learned from the Marks & Spencers ad campaign? Don't take every job thats offered to you Gary, you'll end up like Danielle Lloyd.

We can't wait for tomorrow when the embargo is lifted on "Barlow's Marlow: The definitive guide to Buckinghamshire's finest town".

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