Thursday, 24 January 2008

Quantum Of Whatnow?

Celebritish is unsurprised by the new Bond film title — in that it's pretentious and meaningless, just like the Bond franchise has been since Daniel Craig got on board.

What really bugged us about the last film, Casino Royale, was that it was hailed by many critics as some sort of masterpiece which brought a new depth to 007. Well, then we went to see it, and guess what, it was all about guns, gadgets, chases and sexy girls. Which is fine, but at least have the good grace to admit it rather than pretending it's somehow deeper and more meaningful than the ones with Connery, Moore et al.

The only real difference is that the previous Bonds have actually been attractive — we know they were going for 'gritty', but choosing a lead man who looks like his face has had a run-in with a road gritter is surely a bridge too far!

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