Thursday, 17 January 2008

Pete Doherty: My chafed nipple hell

The Daily Star really do come up with some nonsense but a story this morning tickled us.

Pete Doherty has taken to wearing his girlfriend's bras out on the town.

Okay, so it might be while he's jogging to train for the Marathon which he intends to run with his new bird. And yes, he is wearing the bra due to the sensitive nature of his nips, but still, its a funny story. While most rockers get groupies to chew on their pierced nipples as they perform vile sex acts, Pete has to wear a bra to protect them when he goes jogging. Bless!

A thought, sore nipples are quite common during pregancy? Perhaps Pete is jumping on the celeb bandwagon and has got himself up the duff!

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