Friday, 4 January 2008

Matt's got the Horne

Celebritish spent last night drinking peppermint tea and watching Never Mind The Buzzcocks — yes, rock 'n' roll to the core.

Still, we're glad we did, as the show gave us an interesting introduction to Brit comic actor Matthew Horne. Yes, you'll know his face if you've ever had the good fortune to watch Gavin and Stacey or the misfortune to watch Catherine Tate, but what you might not know is that little Matt, who to our eyes resembles the bastard offspring of Joaquin Phoenix and Matt Willis from Busted (but is less devastatingly attractive than that might sound), is a raging Lothario.

He spent most of the show making embarrassingly inept attempts to pull team mate Kate Nash, after apparently asking Simon Amstell to help him in this department by playing up the "flirtation" between them. However, when she knocked back his lewd advances by saying her auntie and cousins were in the audience, he said he'd "have them instead"! What a gentleman. It also emerged that he'd tried, again without success, to pull Kylie Minogue by writing her a thankyou card.

So a 100 per cent failure rate with the laydeez so far then, but his career is clearly on the up and we all know how fame is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. He'll be the new David Walliams in no time, you mark our words...

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